Travel Guide for Europe

AMT Travel is the Place To Organize Your Five-Star Vacation

Even before the journey begins, both veteran travelers and newbies have so many decisions to make before embarking on a vacation. Your fantasy vacation might be to go on a challenging adventure, unwind by the ocean or visit a place you have only read about. Travel original AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, can help you plan for your next holiday trip in style and luxury.

With over 25 years in the business, countless numbers of voyages spanning the world,and certified professionals, we can guide you on all your travel needs including helping you choose from among the world's finest cruise lines, such as Princess, Holland, or Oceania, for your holiday adventure. The cruisers sailed by these premium companies are 5-star hotels on water that provide nothing but the very best; top facilities, personalized service, entertainment and on-shore adventures.

Exceeding expectations is AMT Travel’s main aim and that is why organizing an unforgettable vacation is our top priority. We provide packages to destinations that accommodate your individual preferences and tastes, hobbies and lifestyle. AMT American Express Travel offers an assortment of remarkable destinations and travel models and is the worldwide front runner in escorted American Express Tours.

No matter what you seek; visiting Europe’s most prominent cities or going more remote somewhere far, far away, American Express Tours bring you numerous opportunities with over 200 vacations in 60+ countries.

And members have privileges.

At AMT American Express Travel, we service our dedicated customers by offering pre-negotiated tour prices.

Many clients return to AMT Travel because they recognize the specialized packages that or specialists provide. You will never have to worry about things like getting that upgrade, keeping track of on travel times, organizing travel documentation, finding the best exchange rate, selecting excursions or figuring out what to bring. Taking you around the world and providing travel assistance 24 hours a day is a promise AMT Travel consistently delivers.

We make certain your travel is hassle-free, stress -free and problem-free.

Your only task is to prepare your bag and leave the rest to us.

Why You Should Work With a Travel Professional

The thought of re-booking your flights and accommodations when changes in your schedule arise can be daunting, and costly. This is where a trained travel specialist can help. Issues like terrorism and health scares are serious issues facing us nowadays when traveling, so security is a definite concern. Although you may pay a little more using a travel agent, they make it worth your while with special promo deals, benefits and inventory that you cannot get anywhere else.

Young people are traveling more and a lot more these days, and while they are tech-savvy, they are not skilled travelers and are a lot more comfortable booking plans with an agent.

And this does not appear to be to be a phenomenon.

Numerous studies have shown that 92% of U.S. leisure travelers who used a travel advisor once, will use one for a second time. Using a travel agent is interesting because they have accessibility to a tremendous industry network. Spending hours and hours conducting research is not ideal, and agents who are part of a larger consortia, can help you you consult with a big supplier for a better price.

Working with top travel agents can give you access to benefits, as they have solid relationships with award-winning chefs, hotel managers and tour operators - booking sites do not provide this. Although most believe that online prices are the top deals, travel agents can often beat these internet prices. Agents have access to scheduling and distribution systems which gives them access to cruise, flight and hotel packages, so they can typically offer the same promo as on the web.

There is a commission fee involved, nonetheless you will recoup your money with a variety of perks such as breakfast, spa and beverage credits to name just a few.

Are you forgetting anything?
Rather than of investigating on your own, an representative can help you plan for any surprise expenditures and amenities; including the cost of meals, resort and tourism charges, that can add up swiftly. And if your plans involve an intricate journey or one to a far-away foreign location , an agent can point you to tour operators that meet your specifications.

Most agents, via years of building contacts, have contacts to suppliers in every part of the world, whether it’s Greece or Mongolia.

An agent is also helpful in helping you avoid common travel frustrations like travel delays or cancellations, rescheduling flights, upgrading your hotel room, adding an extra person to your trip, and even finding the right travel insurance for you.

The Perks of American Express Pay with Points Program

Place portrayal AMT Travel is delighted to bring you the Pay-with-Points plan with American Express that offers you more benefits and peace of mind. though American Express Membership Rewards customers could convert their points for miles with partner airline carriers in past years, flights were not easy to find.

Your Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points can now be used to pay in full, or partially, all of your holiday travel packages, flights, hotels as well as car rentals and tours.

AMT Travel can show you how effortlessly and clear-cut cashing in your points can be. Here are a few examples of what you will experience:

-Travel limitations do not exist, meaning you can utilize your points for all travel.
-10,000 Membership Rewards points will give you $100 worth of travel.
-All your travel needs are included, including hotel rooms, car rentals, flights, tours, packages, currency exchange, travel insurance, and even airport taxes.
-Accumulate frequent flyer points on bookings purchased with points.

-Pay instantaneously with points in-store.
-If you pay with points and your American Express card when scheduling, you will not be charged any extra fees. can now also put your American Express points to use towards first class & business class travel straight through an AMT American Express Travel Representative!

Discover the World Aboard a Luxury Cruise

More and more cruise lines are adding global journeys to their itineraries because these sea trips have increased in popularity. More than 25 million people travel across the world’s seas, oceans, and rivers on a yearly basis, but this figure is anticipated to surge continuously in the coming years. Globetrotters these days find themselves with myriad possibilities in terms of itinerary, the type of ship, and price.

Here is your new line For example, those looking for more individualized attention, fewer passengers on board and access to smaller ports should consider traveling on smaller ships. However, individuals with a tendency to get sick aboard small boats, which are more affected by the movement of the ocean, should consider another option.

Larger ships, on the other hand, provide a wider array of on board options in terms of accommodations, restaurants and activities, but their size forces them to dock at bigger seaports, leaving you further from activities at your port-of-call. Due to this fact, checking out your destination city becomes more difficult and pricier. Whether on board or ashore, you will enjoy the marvels of every seaport at destinations such as Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas and Alaska, Africa, or Asia and Australia.

An international trip also lets you experience what life is really like in your destination city.

The many exclusive outings and activities available give you the chance to learn about your destination city through its art, culture, cuisine, history, and natural beauty.

Uncover the many miracles of the world we live in and gather memories you will forever take with you. And you will be able to avoid all the aspects of traveling you find most difficult such as flight delays, the constant unpacking, and having to spend more on meals than you expected.

Whatever you decide to do, traveling on the world’s oceans, rivers, and seas will let you experience the wonders of the of the countries you visit all while enjoying the harmony you seek.

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